About Cornucopia

Cornucopia is the hub of all my available creative works as an illustrator, painter, and graphic designer. I mostly work with mixed media but my most favorite is working with acrylic and its light-effecting variations.

I've created children’s books, graphic design, and immersive installations for more than a decade for top publishers and organizations. My creative works has been recognized in Sweden, Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates.

Lately my art has been more focused on exploring new media, specifically on the effects of light in amusing and amazing ways, then transforming them into another dimension by adding the concept of time and movement, in short–animation.

I think that the lighting effects on my work is hard to portray in a single static image because it has lot of dimension to it. My work's essence, on the surface, perhaps can only be fully translated in digital space through sequential images.

I'm fascinated with the themes of life beyond our universe, the afterlife, and life's magical moments.

I’m originally from the Philippines but now based in Colorado, USA.

Learn more of my creative processes here.

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